The site of a Canal Arm, Part of Oxford Canal

Description of this historic site

The site of a disused canal arm, part of the original course of the Oxford Canal, and used for the transporting of goods. It was marked on the Cosford tithe map of 1839, and was situated between Cosford and the Swift Valley Industrial Estate.

Notes about this historic site

1 The course of a short length of canal, connected to the Oxford Canal, is depicted on a tithe map of 1839.
2 This appears to have largely destroyed by 1886, the date of the first edition OS 25″ map.
3 This was part of the original route of the Oxford canal, before it was modified and straightened after 1829. The original route followed the 300′ contour and at this point had to turn north to find a suitable location to cross the river Swift.
4 A wharf is shown just to the south of Cosford on the 1st ed 1″ OS map.
5 The canal arm is depicted on the Cosford tithe map of 1839.

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