Summerhouse mound at Alscot Park

Description of this historic site

The site of a mound which is possibly the remains of the summerhouse dating to the Post Medieval and Imperial periods. It is marked on the Ordnance Survey map of 1924 and is situated 600m north west of Preston on Stour.

Notes about this historic site

1 Close to Atherstone Hill Farm. ‘At the extreme north-west angle of the [Alscot] Park pale is a curious mound, which may be a tumulus … but it is far more likely to have been a mound of rubbish thrown together as a foundation for a summerhouse’. The mound is oval and is situated on a hill at the end of a low ridge giving a maximum height at its north-west end. It appears to be constructed of gravel and no ditch was evident.
2 Although it is no longer within Alscot Park, the 1884 OS 6′ map shows at this date the north-west boundary of the park extended to just north of the mound.
3 The mound is still visible at SP1950. It appeared to be soft as if it were constructed of rubble. The mound is now overgrown with trees. It is probable that WA1593, rather than this mound is the site of the Alscot Park summerhouse.
4 The summerhouse was one of the garden buildings erected in the early 1750s for James West.
5 OS 1:10560 1924 Sht Warks 50NW also shows the mound.

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