'Chinese Temple' at Alscot Park

Description of this historic site

The site of a garden temple, one of a number of Post Medieval garden buildings associated with the Alscot park. It was situated 600m south of the church at Atherstone on Stour.

Notes about this historic site

1 A ‘Chinese temple’ surmounted by an acorn, which stood at the top of a flight of stairs leading up from the river, not far S of the rotunda mound (PRN 1593).
2 Earthworks near the mound (PRN 1593) are probably related to terracing and may indicate where the temple stood. A dry valley from here to the river may indicate the location of the steps.
3 Designs for a Chinese temple survive in the family papers and these show a hexagonal design. It is not certain that this design was executed, but there are 18th century references to Chinese spires at Alscot.
4 Designed in the 1760s.