Stratford-upon-Avon Medieval Planned Borough

Description of this historic site

The extent of the planned settlement of Stratford upon Avon.

Notes about this historic site

1 The possible extent of the medieval settlement based on the OS map of 1886, 44NW. Amended to cover the planned settlement only 6 as per the reconstruction by T Slater.
2 Domesday lists Stratford in Pathlow Hundred. The Phillimore edition gives a grid ref. of SP2055.
Ref 3,2 The Bishop (of Worcester) also holds and held Stratford. 14 1/2 hides. Land for 31 ploughs. In lordship 3 ploughs. 21 villagers with a priest and 7 smallholders have 28 ploughs. A mill at 10s and 1,000 eels; meadow 5 furlongs long and 2 furlongs wide. Value before 1066 and later 100s; now £25.
3 Archaeological observation of groundworks at the rear of 10/11 Sheep Street, Stratford-upon-Avon (centred on SP 2010 5490) recorded a series of medieval make-up layers containing 4 sherds of 13th/14th century pottery (see MWA8921).
4 Borough 1196. 1334 Subsidy £131. Market town c.1600. Market (Grant: Other) Thurs; gr 25 Jun 1196, by K Ric I to John de Coutances, bp of Worcester. On 4 Mar 1309, K Edw II granted Walter, bp of Worcester a Thurs market. To be held at the manor. Thurs market confirmed in the 1553 charter of incorporation. Market continued until 1818. Fair (Charter) vfm, Holy Trinity (Easter dep); feria, gr 29 Oct 1214, by K John to Walter [de Grey] bp of Worcester. To be held at the manor. On 20 Oct 1224, K Hen III granted the bp of Worcester a fair on vfm Holy Trinity, to be held until the king came of age. On 7 May 1270, K Hen III granted Godfrey, bp of Worcester a fair on vf+2 Holy Trinity, to be held at his manor. Although not included in any subsequent grants, a Trinity fair was recorded in 1666. Fair (Charter) vf+2, Exaltation of Holy Cross (14 Sept); gr 1239, by K Hen III to Walter [de Cantilupe], bp of Worcester. Fair noted in the 1553 charter of incorporation. Fair (Charter) vfm, Ascension (Easter dep); gr 15 Jan 1269, by K Hen III to Master Godfrey Gyffard, bp of Worcester. Fair (Charter) vf+15 Peter and Paul (29 Jun); gr 4 Mar 1309 by K Edw II to Walter [Reynolds], bp of Worcester.
5 A shallow ditch of possible medieval date, and post-medieval postholes were recorded during evaluation at Chapel Lane.
6 The planned borough of Stratford as reconstructed by Terry Slater.

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