Site of Watermill 200m SW of Cryfield Grange

Description of this historic site

There is documentary evidence for a watermill at Cryfield Grange from the Medieval to the late Post Medieval period. It was recorded as a fulling mill in 1535. The dam banks remain visible as earthworks, 700m north east of Crackley Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 There are mill dams at SP2974 and SP3074. The N dam is 1m high with modern mutilation. The S dam is also mutilated. There are no traces of a mill.
2 Mill Field marked at SP3074.
3 A mill was recorded at Cryfield in 1291 and a fulling mill in 1535.
4 The dam banks are still visible, but have been considerably worn by cattle.
5 Air photographs.
6 The University of Warwick archaeological assessment also mentions possible fishponds.
7 Correspondence from 1972.
8 Online lidar shows the dam banks.

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