Excavation of Roman Building, Bleachfield Allotment

Description of this historic site

Part of a Roman building was excavated and finds from the site included Roman pottery and coins. The site was located in the area of Birch Abbey, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 A stretch of the E-W road was uncovered. This had subsequently been built on and six rooms of a large building were exposed. It was of corridor type with good quality concrete floors and decorated plaster walls. On one gravel floor was a quantity of burnt grain, while a well has yielded material of the C3-C4. Three pits in the earliest occupation layer yielded Samian and coarse wares dating from AD 70-120. A resistivity survey indicates further extensive remains in this area.
2 A further resistivity survey located a stone-lined well which yielded C3-C4 pottery, coins and wood. A series of pits are C1-C2 in date. A wing indicates that the building is a winged corridor. A worn coin of Honorius indicates occupation into the C5.
3 A further portion of the large building was exposed.
4 Work was completed on the winged corridor building. The main building was exposed almost completely and was 7m internally and 24m long. Two slighter cross walls probably indicated timber partitions. Between the cross walls the roof had been carried on eight posts. The wings and corridor could have been a later addition.
5 Site no 25 in list.

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