Site of Roman Settlement 200m S of Princethorpe

Description of this historic site

The site of a Roman settlement. Fragments of Roman pottery, tile, animal bone have been found here. Post holes, a ditch and two hearths were found during an excavation. The site is located 200m south of Princethorpe.

Notes about this historic site

1 Area of Roman settlement identified during field survey. The occupation scatter included much Roman pottery, some tile, animal bone, iron objects, one quern fragment and two coins were found nearby.
2 An archaeological watching brief and subsequent excavation were undertaken by Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit during the laying of a replacement rising main. In the area adjacent on the west of the Fosse Way, but within 40m, 41 sherds of Romano British pottery were recovered from the topsoil. A small area 20m x 3.8m was excavated. The features uncovered suggest Roman occupation which was abandoned in the late first-century. Features included post holes, a ditch and two possible hearths.
3 Four Roman coins were found at SP400703 in September 1995. The method of recovery was not recorded.
4 Finds comprising 221 Roman coins, 4 fibulae and about 6 pin-heads were reported from the area, of which 66 were found west of the road and the remainder to the east. The method of recovery was not recorded.

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