Site of Post Medieval Water Tower at Northgate Street

Description of this historic site

A waterworks, to supply the inhabitants of Warwick with water, was built in the Post Medieval period. It was situated at the end of Northgate Street, Warwick.

Notes about this historic site

1 A water tower is shown at the end of Northgate Street.
2 A waterhouse built by John Hopkins in 1693 to supply Warwick’s inhabitants with water. It was a substantial building, probably of stone and included a tank or cisterns in to which water from Priory Pools (?WA 1973) was pumped with underground pipework providing the supply to the houses. The tank or cisterns were probably elevated so as to reach the better housing in the higher parts of the town. Superceded in the second part of the 18th century when a new waterhouse was built 100m to the east at the top of The Butts (WA 9142), under new management. The redundant waterhouse was converted in to dwellings, which were declared a liability in 1774 and by 1786 the site was clear.

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