Site of Ouston Grange, Lea Marston.

Description of this historic site

Ouston Grange, the site of probable Medieval grange which belonged to Merevale Abbey. It was situated 1km west of Whitacre Railway Junction.

Notes about this historic site

1 Ousthirne, ‘sometimes a Grange’, ‘belonging to Merevale Abby’ and ‘still reputed a member thereof’. Probably given to Merevale by Walter de Camvile between 1154 and 1159.
2 Ouston has long been absorbed in Lea Marston, but the date of transference is not known.
3 An archaeological evaluation carried out during 1995 by Warwickshire Museum did not identify any archaeological remains. It is likely that all archaeological remains were removed in the late 1950s during the construction of Hams Hall C power station and its associated railway sidings.

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