Shrunken Medieval Settlement at Sole End, Astley.

Description of this historic site

A shrunken village at Sole End of Medieval or Post Medieval date. It survives as an earthwork and is situated 500m south of Cowley Wood.

Notes about this historic site

1 Sole End in Astley. There is a possibility that this farm group represents the Domesday Solege.
2 A few scattered houses at ‘Souley End’. This was of greater importance in 1086 as it is mentioned in the Domesday Book. At Soule End there are 5 houses, partly in Bedworth and partly in Astley parish.
3 Dugdale’s Souley End probably represents the modern farm of Sole End. Enclosures and roads indicative of desertion are centred on the above grid reference.
4 Plan dated 1967.
5 Photocopies of two maps showing Sole End Farm.
6 Monument extent adjusted to include cropmark complex visible on aerial mapping. Cropmarks seem to consist of two enclosures running along the road to the west of Soar End Farm. The westernmost enclosure is joined to what appears to be a track running north-east for the length of the enclosure.

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