Possible Round Barrows 700m E of Old Town Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of possible round barrows, mounds that are still visible as earthworks. They would probably date to the Bronze Age, but there is some doubt as to whether they are really round barrows. They are located 1.7km south east of Bishops Itchington.

Notes about this historic site

1 Two mounds are visible in a field known as ‘Little Coffin Hill’ and a third mound can also be distinguished. All three are in a line. In view of the field name the mounds could be barrows, but since there is no other reference to their existence this is conjecture. The measurements of the lower mound are about 13 by 13m, and those of the middle one about 19 by 15. The upper mound is much the smallest, being almost ploughed out and levelled off. The middle mound is still very pronounced, but all 3 are gradually being ploughed out. There is no sign of further barrows continuing into neighbouring fields, despite the fact that the field to the N is known as Coffin Hill.
3 A field name is not given for this field but the two fields to the W are recorded as ‘Little Gofnal’ and ‘Large Gofnal’.
4 ‘Coffin Hill’ is the name by which these fields are known to the farmer. ‘Coffin Hill’ may be derived from ‘Gofnal’. In addition it is unlikely that the reference to a coffin would relate to a burial in a round barrow.

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