Saltisford Wharf and Canal Arm

Description of this historic site

The site of Saltisford Wharf, a canal wharf and basin, where vessels would have loaded and unloaded goods during the Imperial period. It was located at the east end of Warwick Race Course.

Notes about this historic site

1 The Warwick-Birmingham Canal used to continue into Saltisford but it is no longer navigable beyond the bridge at Budbrooke Junction, SP2765. The disused section contains water as far as the brick GWR viaduct, SP2765, but has been filled in beyond there. There is a very narrow little red brick bridge just south of the viaduct and beyond that there are signs that there used to be wharves and factories along the canal.
2 This is confirmed by the OS 25″ map which shows the canal terminating in two docks, one of which has a swing bridge over. There are extensive wharfside buildings all of which are in a demolished state and the site is now covered by the buildings of Cape Warwick Ltd. The section of the canal up to the GWR bridge is presently undergoing restoration.

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