Earlswood Lakes

Description of this historic site

Earlswood Lakes, a series of canal reservoirs, created in the Imperial period to serve the Stratford upon Avon canal. A pumping station survives, but the engine has been removed from the building.

Notes about this historic site

1 The Earlswood lakes are a most impressive series of reservoirs constructed to serve the Stratford Canal. A tall brick engine house survives, built to house a beam pumping engine of 1823, but the machinery has gone.
2 The Earlswood reservoirs with their water surface of 85 acres and capacity of 34 million cubic feet….begun in 1821. Most of the water lay below canal level, thus in 1822 a steam engine was bought….it pumped until 1936, in later days the boilers were out and a large vertical boiler was installed outside.
3 The building is described but is at SP1174 and is therefore not in Warwickshire, although the lakes are.

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