Findspot - Imperial to Modern finds

Description of this historic site

Findspot - finds including a lead plumb bob, coins, a brooch and a bronze weight were found 400m east of Temple Hill Spinney. The finds all dated to the Imperial period.

Notes about this historic site

1 A collection of artefacts comprising lead Dolphin from 18th century, lead plumb bob dating from 18th to 20th century, 19th century bronze weight, coins from the 19th century, tokens from the 18th century, 19th century engraved book mark, ring, 18th century intaglio and heart-shaped 19th century brooch reported by metal detectorists.
2 A Victorian gaming counter found in 1991. The location given was Lower Heathcote Farm, but the grid reference “SP295639 approx” is further north near the Technology Park.
3 A 19th century token and a ring found in April 1991 in the Lower Heathcote Farm area. No grid reference was given.
4 A 19th century trade token, 3d of W. Butler found in 1993 at SP297638.
5An intaglio, a halfpenny token and an engraved bookmark were found in August 1991. The grid reference given was SP297638.
6 Further find of a Victorian or 19th century brooch.
7 Further find of a fitting.

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