Fishponds at Moor Hall, Wixford.

Description of this historic site

The site of a fishpond, used for the breeding and storage of fish during the Medieval and Post Medieval period. It remains as an earthwork and is situated 400m north of Broom.

Notes about this historic site

1 Traces of two moats survive (PRN 1519). Beyond this are artificial banks which probably surrounded a series of large fishponds stretching to the N.
2 These fields were under crop and no remains of fishponds were evident.
3 A fishpond, about 65m by 20m, is situated to the SE of the moat. It seems unlikely that this is the same fishpond recorded in reference 1.
4 Banks and ditches evident on aerial photographs were mapped as part of the English Heritage National Mapping Project. The banks are situated on the edge of the settlement beyond the presumed moat ditch, which is not apparent on any of the aerial photographs examined. One group of banks is situated to the west of the farm buildings in the fields beside the river Arrow. They are arranged in a manner that suggests that they define two rectangular areas, however, the eastern side nearest to the hall that would complete the configuration is not evident. Ridge and furrow ploughing can be seen imposed over these banks. The second feature, located outside the northern perimeter of the farmstead consists of a single bank that is also suggestive of a rectangular form but again one side is lost. In this case it is the southern bank of the rectangle, also closest to the buildings, that is missing. These features are presumably the fish ponds mentioned above at 1 and 2. The presence of ridge and furrow over the banks to the west of the farm hints that the fish pond, if this is what is they are, had a limited lifespan. The third bank is associated with a ditch that extends northward from the edge of farmstead. It is possible that the bank is a plough headland formed by the ridge and furrow ploughing in the field to the east, while the ditch is either a drainage channel or the remains of a field boundary.
5 Monument extent revised based on National Mapping Project data.

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