Earthworks N of New House Farm, Tomlow Road, Tomlow

Description of this historic site

Several mounds are visible as earthworks. They are of unknown date and function. They are situated 300m south west of Tomlow Bridge.

Notes about this historic site

1 Three raised mounds were reported at SP455699, but a site visit did not reveal them. These had been reported as the two burial mounds of Twam Low, the results of a stick of bombs, and by the farmer as anthill piles. However in the same field there are two irregular shaped mounds, one either side of a small spring or pool. The field has pronounced ridge and furrow and the mounds appear to be on top of this.
2 It was not possible to determine what these earthworks represent, though one may have been the result of earth being piled up after it had been removed to form the pool. See also WA 852.

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