Warwick; medieval town boundary

Description of this historic site

Archaeological work located part of the Medieval town boundary ditch at the junction of Market Street and Bowling Green Street, Warwick. The remains of a modern building dating to just before the 1960's was also found.

Notes about this historic site

1 Observation of the laying of a new water main through Warwick town centre revealed no evidence of suggested Saxon defences (WA 2191) at the corner of Brook Street and Market Place but located the probable outer edge of the Medieval town ditch (WA 1923) at the junction of Market Street and Bowling Green Street. Foundations of buildings and a well were also recorded here beneath the modern street. These belonged to buildings that stood here between Market Street and Bowling Green Street before a realignment of the streets carried out in the 1960s.
2 Not added to overlays as at 8/98, as these are severely congested at this NGR.

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