Bronze Age Features from Park Farm Excavation

Description of this historic site

A boundary ditch, thought to be Bronze Age in date, was discovered during an excavation. Finds from the site included fragments of early Bronze Age pottery. The site now lies under the M40.

Notes about this historic site

1 The site was excavated by Warwick Museum in advance of the building of the M40 motorway and is now totally destroyed. Finds included Beaker fragments, rare in Warwickshire, and an important collection of late Bronze Age material; firstly, rim and shoulder fragments from tall shouldered jars, and secondly a group of small bowls or cups.
2 The late Neolithic/early Bronze Age was represented by potsherds found in a small hole outside the enclosure, and in the enclosure ditch. Carbon dating of a posthole on the site confirmed activity at this period.
3 Late Bronze Age date confirmed.

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