Excavations at The Bull Inn, Manduessedum Roman Camp

Description of this historic site

The site of a ditch dating to the Roman period from which coins and brooches were recovered during an excavation at the Bull Inn, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 1927: Excavations undertaken in advance of alterations to the Bull Inn. An area 32 by 11m was excavated. Slight traces of 19th century buildings were found. The whole site was completely excavated without the discovery of any walls or foundations. One Roman ditch, with a ‘Sestertius’ of Nerva, could represent the original position of a wall. A certain depth of Roman stratigraphy was discovered sealed by post-Roman layers. The Roman layers may represent a midden deposit derived from neighbouring dwellings. The majority of the finds dated to 70-150AD. Three coins and brooches were found.
2 Correspondence.
3 Early scheduling information.
4 Scheduling information from 1986.
5 Scheduling information from 1997 New number 30024 with altered and extended area, and described as a Roman villa and settlement with associated industrial complex.
6 Request from EH in 1991 for more information about the site.
7 Archival material relating to funds for excavations.
8 Photograph.
9 Archival material relating to a planning permission.
10 Correspondence about unauthorised work at The Bull.
11 Extract from an unknown source about Manduessedum.
12 WM precis of the history of the site, 1927 – 1964.
13 Noted; Burgus – defences sectioned. 1st century RB material but no evidence of structures.

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