Roman Buildings excavated at Quarry Lane, Mancetter.

Description of this historic site

The site of Roman buildings that were associated with Mancetter Roman Fort. They were situated 75m south of Mancetter Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 1977, site 2. Minor road works involved earth bank removal on bend in road and an attempt was made to locate the ditch at the SW of the fort. A week’s rescue excavation was undertaken, revealing U-shaped slots 36 cm deep for a timber building containing a latrine pit 2.46m by 2.3m by 2.6m, the lid of which had collapsed in and sealed a group of ten flagons, three cooking pots and other contemporary sherds, glass and bronzes. Also U-shaped slots 45 cm deep for another building at right angles to the former. Finds included a small form 24/25 painted butt beaker and a bronze dolphin type brooch. This is the third well-documented excavation on the fort and indicates that its size is approximately 305m. Dating from pot 45-70AD.
2 Four ceramic lamps were also recovered.
3 Noted.
4 Correspondence.
5 Dating from pot not later than 58AD.
6 Excavation report.
7 Plan.
8 Plan of the road improvements with the location of the rescue excavation.
9 Noted.

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