Site of Roman Kilns S of Dick's Lane Bridge

Plan of a Roman pottery kiln, Lapworth | Warwickshire County Council
Plan of a Roman pottery kiln, Lapworth
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

The site of a pottery kiln dating to the Roman period, which is known from finds of pottery. The site is located 800m north west of Turner's Green.

Notes about this historic site

1 1987 A field 100 M S of the Lapworth tile kilns (PRN 1699) was systematically fieldwalked in advance of M40 construction. Over 30 Kg of tile and small quantities of Roman pottery were found. Much of the tile was concentrated in a relatively small area near the SW corner of the field but outside the line of the motorway. No daub was found so the concentration was probably either a waster dump or possibly a building. Subsequent field work located a scatter of Roman grey wares including a waster and kiln debris, possibly indicating a Roman pottery kiln. Ths kiln is on the motorway route.
2 Geophysics survey subsequent to the 1987 fieldwalking located 2 possible pottery kilns and other anomalies on the motorway route and these features were the first to be examined when work commenced in March 1988. The 2 kilns were located and excavated. Additional areas were opened to the E and S of the 2 kilns and S of the stream. A 3rd kiln was discovered in one of these areas. The kilns were of two types. Kilns 1 and 3 had a permanent floor supported by pedestals and a distinctive, very small stokehole. Kiln 2 was badly damaged by ploughing, but it is clear that it had not had pedestals, and the nature of the floor is uncertain. The stokehole was larger than that of kilns 1 and 3. All three produced sandy reduced coarse wares, but kiln 2 also produced oxidised wares. The type of pottery found indicated a date in the first half of the 2nd century. It is possible that kiln 2 was slightly earlier than this.
3 Noted.
4 Noted.
5 A brooch of the Polden Hill type, a head of a T-Shaped or Tapering Bow type brooch and a foot/catchplate of a Dolphin or Polden Hill Brooch were found at this location by Mr D Adams and Mr D Jenkins.
6 Illustrations of brooches described in ref 5.
7 Further notes on this site investigated ahead of construction works on the M40. This report talks about sparse evidence for domestic activity being located with the kilns, including ditches and pits. On the crest of the ridge to the south of the stream the largest area excavated (only 11m by 15m) revealed gravel surfaces associated with clusters of stone and tile, which may have represented supports for some kind of timber structure.The associated finds from this area suggested 3rd-4th century activity, the pottery being of common types and having no connections with the kiln’s products. Schematic illustration of kiln.

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