Possible Shrunken Med Settlement around Manor House, Fenny Compton.

Description of this historic site

The possible site of an area a shrunken village dating to the Medieval period. There are earthworks of ditches, house platforms and ridge and furrow which are visible on the ground and on aerial photographs. It is located 400m north of the church, Fenny Compton.

Notes about this historic site

1 The Manor House is fairly remote from the village centre, and is surrounded by pasture fields, which show vague and indefinite earthworks. Two footpaths cross Wardens Close, SE of the manor and here there are some mounds and a well marked ditch. The ditch continues in a W direction into New Meadow, which appears to have been partially levelled, but some features remain. Further W again in Home Ground (Towne Furlong 1778) are several very pronunced platforms with dividing ditches, terminating in this field. There are other vague features to the N of the Manor House which are terminated by ridge and furrow.
2 Air photo evidence suggests two building plots lie in an area of medieval settlement remains. An archaeological evaluation revealed the wall of a medieval house (12th-15th century) fronting Northend Road, in the western plot. A small quantity of building rubble, badly disturbed by garden activity, was found in the eastern plot.

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