Find of Roman items in Fenny Compton

Description of this historic site

Finds of a quantity of Roman potsherds west of Fenny Compton, suggesting activity, or possibly occupation, in the area.

Notes about this historic site

1 Find of two Roman potsherds. The grid reference given was SP406524/409522, and the method of recovery was unrecorded.
2 Further finds by the same collector in the same area in, or before 1997, after Autumn ploughing. A quantity and variety of sherds were found including roofing tiles, body and rim sherds, Samian ware and coarseware.
3 More finds made in 1992: – 5 pieces including greyware sherds, an amphora handle, roofing tiles and storage jar sherds. Grid reference given as SP407524. The method of recovery was unrecorded.

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