Ring Motte 100m SE of Morton Bagot Church

Description of this historic site

The site of a ringwork, a defensive bank and ditch, which is visible as an earthwork. It probably represents the site of a Medieval castle. It is located 100m south east of the church, Morton Bagot.

Notes about this historic site

1 Traces of a moat near Church Farm, Morton Bagot may mark the site of a building described in the 17th century as Lord Carrington’s Lodge House, which was then the largest house in the village but has now quite disappeared. When assessed for the hearth tax it had 7 hearths.
2 This is a small ring castle situated in a secluded position and in excellent condition except for beast tread mutilation. The remains are considerable. The interior is occupied by a 17th century timber framed barn that is contemporary with Church Farm (to the immediate NW). There is no surface evidence of an earlier building and the VCH supposition that the earthworks were connected with Lodge House is not feasible.
3 Generally well preserved, although the ditch and outer bank have been damaged in places by the passage of animals and farm vehicles.
4 Situation of moat close to the church implies origin in a manorial context. The size and depth of the earthworks suggests that this may be a small ring-motte. The moat itself is oval in shape, with a broad encircling ring-work and hints of an internal bank. The complex measures 80 by 120m, with the internal platform 65 by 45m. The moat is now very silted on the upper side. No documentary material has been found that refers to the site. The barn standing on the site appears to be constructed out of earlier re-used material, so it is just possible that this could have been the site of Lodge House.
8 Two 14th century horse pendants found by metal detector at SP 11 64.
9 Today the arms of the moat are mostly dry except in the northern section where it remains water-filled. Access to the island is via a causeway, thought to be the original entrance. Documentary evidence suggests this was the site of Lord Carrington’s Lodge House in the 17th century.

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