Bronze Age Round Barrow

Description of this historic site

The site of a Bronze Age (2600-600BC) round barrow, a mound usually constructed to cover a human burial. The barrow has been partially excavated but survives as an earthwork. It is situated 300m north of the junction of Hinckley Road and Gipsey Lane.

Notes about this historic site

1 Barrow. From the area many flints (Neolithic – PRN 4618).
2 Rather badly ploughed out. At above grid reference.
3 The mound was still visible, but under constant threat by ploughing. An excavation was conducted to clarify the structure of the mound and evaluate its survival. A contour survey indicated that the mound was c28m from E-W and c31m from N-S and is standing c40cm above present ground level. In addition a resistivity survey was conducted and a segment 6m x 14m excavated in the S of the mound. The excavation revealed two narrow ditches running around the mound and a range of pits cut into natural, some of which are cut by the ditches. In addition to the pits there are two sets of narrow grooves, possibly Prehistoric plough furrows. The mound was constructed of sandy silt. Within the mound some flint, Bronze Age pottery and burnt bone were found. Two large base sherds of Bronze Age urn may indicate the remains of disturbed cremations. The pottery was from at least two different Deverel-Rimbury bucket urns and one pot in a distinctive fabric which was titled ‘Abbey Farm Ware’.
5 Noted in PPS.
6 Dating revised to Bronze Age from Neolithic/Bronze Age.
7 Scheduled 1999.

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