Possible Neolithic to Bronze Age round barrow

Description of this historic site

A possible round barrow, an artificial mound of earth used for covering a burial. It probably dates to the Bronze Age and is visible as an earthwork. It is situated 100m north of Windmill Hill Quarry. Alternatively, it has been suggested that it is a spoilheap from quarry activity.

Notes about this historic site

1 Bronze Age burial mound below Windmill Hill. This mound is besected by a recently widened lorry track but was complete and intact up until about a year ago. This field has never been ploughed.
2 The exact location is not clear from the information supplied and the above grid reference is an estimate from a sketch map.
3 Information regarding the location of this site is included in correspondence. It is claimed the site is located at SP3493.
4 Infrared and other APs suggest this site is made ground resulting from quarrying activity in the area and not a ceremonial burial ground. A suggestion is made that an archaeologist should investigate this site.
5 Dating confirmed as between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.
6 Doubt expressed about the authenticity of this monument.
7 Given the location of this site it could well be a spoil heap; LiDAR is not particularly helpful, but there does appear to be a slight mound at SP34519334. Requires further investigation.

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