Medieval and later settlement features at Church St, Fenny Compton

Description of this historic site

Archaeological investigation revealed evidence of settlement dating to the Late Medieval to Imperial period and included a stone built structure, a ditch, pottery and a penny. It is located 100m west of the church, Fenny Compton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Watching Brief and Evaluation carried out by OAU, in advance of the construction of new dwelling. An evaluation trench was excavated in November 1995 which revealed a stone-built Victorian structure, perhaps a property division, and a Victorian ditch. Victorian pottery and a Victorian penny (1868) were also recovered. No traces of Medieval remains were observed.
2 Evaluation of land adjacent to Church Street. No Medieval features were located, although Medieval pottery of mixed date was recovered from two of the earliest deposits in the trench. The two deposits probably represent late Medieval ploughing.
3 Further watching brief at land adjacent to Church Street noted late Medieval features, perhaps relating to the corner of a structure facing onto Church Street.
4 WMA summary of watching brief discovery of Medieval features.

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