Ashorne Hill House

Description of this historic site

Ashorne Hill House, the successor to Ashorne Hill Farm. It was built during the Imperial period and is located 200m north of Ashorne Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 In 1892, Ashorne Hill Farm was purchased by an American couple, who rebuilt and expanded the house in 1895. They subsequently purchased surrounding land and emparked it. Article gives historical detail for this period. Ashorne Hill was purchased by the British Iron and Steel Corporation in 1939.
2 Derivative of above source.
3 Plan of 1895 house, and illustration of main hall.
4 Illustrations of various rooms in 1895 house.
5 Painting of main hall of house c1895.
6 Photograph of 1895 house showing incorporated earlier brickwork.
7 Photographs of possible ridge and furrow surrounding the landscaped garden.
8 Three APs showing house and parkland, with possible ridge and furrow.
9 Stone house designed by Goldie for Arthur Tree in an Elizabethan revival style. Photo of the house c1910 reproduced.

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