Excavation of Shrunken Medieval Settlement at Brook Street, Warwick

Description of this historic site

Excavation of Medieval house plots uncovered traces of timber buildings, pits, ovens and 11th and 12th century pottery. The site was at Brook Street, Warwick.

Notes about this historic site

1 1968: Excavation of area including at least three Medieval house plots. Four ovens were set well back from the street front. A series of cess and rubbish pits yielded large amounts of pottery (including Stamford ware) dating to the 11th century. A large bell-shaped shaft some 7.3m deep was emptied; it contained 12th century pottery and the remains of several cats and chickens. The buildings are indicated by traces of timber structures.
2 1969: As elsewhere in Warwick, Post Medieval building and road-widening had so interfered with the Medieval building plans as to render them fragmentary and largely unintelligible. A very large oven was found. Considerable quantities of ‘shelly ware’ were found associated with Stamford ware.

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