Hopsford Mill, Withybrook

Description of this historic site

Hopsford Mill, a watermill that was in use during the Post Medieval period. The mill is known from documentary evidence. It was situated 700m south west of Hopsford.

Notes about this historic site

1 Mill marked in roughly this location.
2 Mill marked.
3 The old mill, now disused, is still standing at the W end of the Hall and is in a dilapidated condition.
4 The mill stream is clearly shown running just south and parallel to the canal, with the mill dam marked just where the Hall farmhouse stands now.
5 To the S of the parish various leats lead to Hopsford Mill, now a farmhouse, one small feeder clearly cutting across the ridge and furrow.
6 There was a mill here in 1725, and it was named Hopworth’s Mill on a map of the Oxford Canal, drawn in c1770. It is thought to have ceased working in the mid 19th century. No trace of the mill survives.
7 The probable building of the old mill still exists as a farm outhouse against the W end of the house, but no sign of the dam/immediate leats remains. The building has no indication of its former use.

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