WAAF and Communal Living Quarter Site, E of Long Marston Airfield

Description of this historic site

A complex of domestic and communal buildings lying well to the east of RAF Long Marston, providing dispersed living quarters for those serving at the airfield.

Notes about this historic site

1 A large communal site, along with four dispersed sites and a separate WAAF domestic site located well away to the east of Long Marston airfield.
2 Described as utility build domestic and communal buildings. They were built in dispersed locations to the east of the airfield, consisting of dining facilities, stores, messes, bathhouses, ablutions, sick quarters, a decontamination centre, offices and other ancillary facilities. RAF personnel used the buildings during WW2 but they were subsequently used for refugee and army accomadation. Polish refugees occupied the buildings until the early 1980s, during which period various alterations were carried out to the buildings.
3 Two blocks of the buildings were surveyed in July 2012; the communal complex to the East (to be demolished) and a set of buildings to the west. Photographic record and textual description of interiors and exteriors.

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