Excavation of Post Medieval Manor House at Bermuda

Description of this historic site

During an excavation the remains of a manor house were found. The house was probably built during the Medieval period. It was located at Bermuda.

Notes about this historic site

1 A possible manor house of the Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers existed here (PRN 1666). For a more likely site see PRN 6342. A number of tenants are known in the late 15th/early 16th century. In 1567 a ‘capital house called the Temple’ is recorded, with a barn, barn yard, chapel yard and dove house. After this the manor changed hands, but the Temple House is recorded in 1632 and manorial records survive until the mid 19th century.
2 A house thought to be the Manor House was demolished in 1681 in Barne Meadow.
3 1967: An excavation on possible site of the Templars’ manor. Scattered traces were found of timber farm buildings probably Medieval in date but there was no sign of any dwelling house.
4 1970: An area of 100 sq yds was stripped. A timber-framed building was found erected on an area artificially levelled. The building was of three bays and was 6.7m by about 14.6m. It had a circular oven in its SW corner and two fireplaces at its E end. It was constructed in the 14th century and incorporated and overlay material from an earlier building (PRN 1666). The timber-framed building had fallen into ruin by the middle years of the 17th century after which the site was much disturbed by mining operations.

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