Possible Site of Smercote Parva Deserted Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible site of Smercote Parva deserted Medieval settlement. It is thought to have been situated 500m west of Goodyers End.

Notes about this historic site

1 ‘The Smercotes are now known by certain grounds so called, part in Exhall, near Newlands, and part in Bedworth parish [see PRN 517 for Smercote Magna], near which are now standing four or five farmhouses. This hath been of a long time a depopulated place.’
2 The PNMS (schools) survey has ‘Town Field’ just above the stream. Mr G Price Jones confirmed the site for me by inspection.
3 The situation of the depopulated place of ‘Smercote pva’ as shown on Dugdale’s map of Knightlow Hundred agrees with Beresford’s siting. No surface indications of the deserted village of Smercote Parva are now to be seen.
4 Extensive work has been carried out during the year by Mr S C Clarke in an attempt to locate this elusive site. Further attempts will be made to locate the exact site of the village.
5 Letter from A F Cook.
6 Map.
7 Domesday Book entry : “in Smercote and in ‘Sole’ 1 hide. Godric holds from him. Land for 2 ploughs. 2 villagers. Woodland 1 league long and half league wide; when exploited, 10s. The value was 15s; now 5s. Saxi held it freely before 1066.” Photocopy of entry in FI file 294.
8 VCH entry. Photocopy of entry in FI file 294.

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