Findspot - Prehistoric stone artefact

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a Prehistoric stone artefact, possibly a hammer or a polishing stone. It was found 500m south east of Bermuda.

Notes about this historic site

1 Found a few years before 1975 at Red Deeps, Griff, between the school and an abandoned diorite quarry. It is 18.5cm long, made from compact cemented siltstone, which is not a local rock but may have been a glacial erratic. This was probably a polishing stone, perhaps used to give the final surface to stone axes. Both rounded terminals show marks of percussion, so that it was obviously used as a double-ended hammer. There is a sharply cut V-shaped groove, 7cm long at one end. It is possibly of Bronze Age origin, but is unique in the W Midlands. It is possible that the object was connected with the production of Group XIV axe-hammers.
2 Drawing.

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