Cropmark Enclosures 600m NW of Salford Priors

Description of this historic site

Three undated enclosures and a cluster of pits are visible as cropmarks on aerial photographs. They are located 450m north of Salford Priors.

Notes about this historic site

3 Traces of three rectilinear cropmark enclosures are visible.
4 Three rectilinear cropmark enclosures and a cluster of pits evident on aerial photographs were mapped as part of the English Heritage National Mapping Project.
5 The extent of this monument was extended to incorporate a pit cluster also identifed by the National Mapping Project, centred on SP 0734 5157.
6 7 Possible features across the western field were identified by the AOC Assessment of Local Service Villages for Stratford-on-Avon District Council in 2012 from Google Earth satellite imagery.

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