Romano-British stone building, Meeting Lane, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

Various finds, including painted wall plaster, tesserae and tiles, suggest that this was the site of a Roman building. Roman pottery and coins were also found at this site, located in Meeting Lane, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 In Meeting Lane were recorded a floor of ‘concrete’ at a depth of 1.2m and some slightly decorated plaster. Below this were walls and at a depth of 1.5m a stone floor. Below this was a course of black burnt material of pre-Roman date (PRN 5495). Roman finds include a coin of Trajan, much Roman pottery, tesserae and tiles.
2 Excavation in August and December 1926. More coloured plaster, some tesserae, together with a quantity of black pottery. A Roman coin was also dug up which may be of the time of Allectus. The trenches here were over 12m in length and varied in depth from 1.1m to 1.7m. The whole area of these diggings revealed a concrete floor about 0.15m thick. A large quantity of stones, broken tile, plaster etc were found, and the general indications were that a large building had once stood there.
3 Exact site uncertain.
4 Further details from Seaby’s notes seem to confirm that this is different from MWA476; the site is recorded from ‘Mr Parson’s garden at end of Meeting Lane’. ‘Three opus signium floors, below them flint scraper and some other objects’ (Threlfall after Davis). Suggest more excavation during 1927, including ‘tesserae found loose and nearer the surface 1927’ (Chatwin’s notes on OS 25″ map).
5 Description of excavations in J. Parson’s gardens and ‘in another garden over the hedge’ (entries: 28/07; 04/09; 21, 28/11; 5, 19/12 1926;)

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