Undated or Early Modern linear features

Description of this historic site

Linear features whose function is not known. They are of unknown or early modern date. They were recorded during an excavation and are situated to the east of Hunts Green, Middleton.

Notes about this historic site

1 An archaeological evaluation of land at Coneybury Farm, Middleton, involving background research, a geophysical survey and trial trenching, revealed only minimal evidence of archaeological activity. Although a number of Prehistoric and Medieval sites are known in the vicinity, of 47 trenches excavated in the application area, only four contained features and all these were undated or early modern. The geophysical survey revealed some ill defined features of possibly archaeological origin at the south end of the area.
2 Slight linear features to the south of Coneybury Wood were mapped as part of English Heritage (EH) National Mapping Project (NMP)

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