Boundary Marker on Haselor Hill

Description of this historic site

A possible boundary marker of Medieval or Post Medieval date is situated on Haselor Hill. It is a wooden post set into a modern concrete base.

Notes about this historic site

1 A Hundred meeting place (see PRN 5211). This was described in 1640 as ‘place about eight yards square inclosed with a hedge and ditch uppon the topp of a hill about midway between Haselor and Binton… and… (it is said) in the very place where these three parishes point’.
2 No extant feature was located that could be associated with the former Hundred Court.
3 An old post stands on the E grass verge near the summit of Haselor Hill. It marks the place where the parishes of Haselor, Binton and Temple Grafton join.
4 The post is still in position, now set in a concrete base. It is almost impossible to hazard a guess as to the age of the post.
5 Dating narrowed – it seems exceedingly unlikely that the post itself is Medieval; see MWA5211 for the Hundred Meeting Point itself.

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