Disused Dog Kennels 400m SE of Stoneleigh Abbey

Description of this historic site

Dog kennels that were built during the Post Medieval period. They are marked on a map of 1749 and are still standing. They are situated 300m north west of Brick Kiln Spinney.

Notes about this historic site

1 The dog kennels are shown on a 1749 map at the same location as present.
2 They still exist, but are no longer in use. The structure is red brick.
3 The Kennel’s House and exercise area and the Kennel Keeper’s House are Grade II Listed Buildings. The kennels are first shown on the 1749 map. The 1749 and 1766 maps show a pond to the south east of the knnels. This is not visible on the 1886 and 1905 maps which show two different ponds south of the Kennels.

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