Pond Bay 200m NE of Merevale Abbey

Description of this historic site

A fishpond used for the breeding and storage of fish, dating to the Medieval period. It is visible as an earthwork. It lies 200m north east of Merevale Abbey.

Notes about this historic site

1 Earthworks of an old fishpond “Pond Bay” are marked on the OSmaps.
2 This is 150m long, running NW-SE, and has been plotted on the ridge and furrow plot for Merevale Parish (PRN 3948).
3 Included in SAM 21571. The earthworks in the area known as Pond Bay relate to the damming of the stream to the N of the conventual buildings to create two large ponds. The 3m high bank at Pond Bay is the remains of the dam which would have created a large body of water along the northern boundary of the monastery.

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