Dog Kennels Site at Combe Abbey

Description of this historic site

Site of Dog Kennels which form part of the Imperial period landscaped gardens at Combe Abbey.

Notes about this historic site

1 The site of the Dog Kennels at Coome Abbey (PRN 5745) was evaluated in 1992. Two areas were examined, with trench 1 and 2 laid out on north-south and east-west alignments respectively. In both trenches there was very little topsoil over the two external walls of the kennels complex. Both walls were of brick construction, which appears to have been laid on a crushed sandstone foundation. To the east of trench 2 archaeologically sensitive deposits are suspected to continue in the form of a possible hardstanding. The dog kennels form part of the landscaped park of Combe Abbey designed by Launcelot ‘Capability’ Brown in the 1770’s. A contemporary watercolour painting shows a façade with ruined ‘gothick’ castle behind which the kennels were concealed. The kennels were demolished in the 1860’s by W E Nesfield.
2 Identical source to 1 published in a different document.

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