Deserted P Med Settlement 200m SW of Broomfield Far

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a deserted settlement dating from the Post Medieval period. The site lies 200m west of Chapel Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 It is reported that this Deserted Medieval Village which was discovered and planned in 1967 was levelled and ploughed in 1968.
2 The plan shows a number of possible holloways, house platforms and drainage channels and the location of the remains of Holy Trinity chapel within the settlement.
3 A drawing of the ruined chapel in c1820 shows a house in the background, which indicates that this area of the settlement was still occupied at this time.
4 Post-medieval part of PRN 146, otherwise information exactly the same.
5 Drawings made by students of the Geography Department of University of Birmingham, showing ditches and banks near the chapel, with a possible interpretation of them. Some of these features were destroyed by road construction in 1969 or filled in by the farmer. Shows hollow ways, possible house sites and ponds and boundary bank.
6 Updated and finalised plan from 5. Also copy of Map of Lord Leigh’s Estate at Bentley, showing chapel.
7 Copy of tithe map showing chapel.
8 Some of the authorities above 57 may be the same as authorities 1 and 2. These cannot be located at the present time.

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