Prob Site of Bradmore Deserted Medieval Settlement, Honington.

Description of this historic site

The possible site of the deserted settlement of Bradmore dating to the Medieval period. The settlement is known from documentary evidence and is visible on aerial photographs. It is located 500m east of St Dennis Spinney.

Notes about this historic site

1 Bradmore: Listed in Rous. There was also a chapel here (PRN 5221). One possible site is at SP2941 (PRN 2145).
2 An alternative site exists at the above grid reference. The owner of St Dennis Farm for over 60 years, stated that the field centred at SP2842 has always been known as Chapel Field and that a possible building was found at SP2942. This could have been the chapel (see PRN 5221) and if so it seems likely that the deserted settlement was on this site.
3 A possible area of disturbance exists on air photographs and this could be the site of the village.

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