Moat at Bentley Manor House

A Medieval moat on the 1925 Ordnance Survey map at Bentley | Open
A Medieval moat on the 1925 Ordnance Survey map at Bentley
Description of this historic site

A rectangular moat, a wide ditch usually surrounding a building, marks the probable site of Bentley Manor House. The site is located 330m south west of School Farm, is of Medieval origin, and survives as an earthwork.

Notes about this historic site

1 The manor of Bentley was settled by John de Wilmcote on his daughter Joan before 13th July 1315. From the 14th century the manor appears to have been descended to the Hacketts who were associated with it in 1689. To the NW of the church is a rectangular moat which is said to have been the site of the manor house.
2 A small well-preserved homestead moat, the enclosed area of which, though clear of vegetation etc, reveals no trace of occupation. S of the main moated area is a small annex, apparently part of, and contemporary with the demesne site. It consists of a small square enclosed area surrounded by a shallow dry ditch.
3 The W arm of the moat is now dry. There are no indications of stone revetting. There is no apparent access to the island. The moat is surrounded by vague traces of ridge and furrow. On the E side only, these appear to overlie a series of banks and shallow ditches.
4 Photograph.
5 Moats Survey.

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