Biggin Deserted Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The site of a deserted settlement of Biggin. There is limited documentary evidence for the site but some traces of earthworks, including house platforms, are visible. It is situated to the southeast of Newton.

Notes about this historic site

1 Known as Holme in Domesday Book. A site can be seen along the stream N of the present Biggin Mill. From its watery situation it is likely that the settlement moved a little way up the hill to the present Newton. The village is listed by Rous, but not presented in 1517. From 17th century records it appears that locals knew there had been a village and the name had survived as a field name, but they knew no more.
2 Poor archaeology (C), period of desertion known, but documentary evidence inferior in quantity.
3 Two trenches cut across main street of Biggin. No finds except 19th century pottery, china and clay pipe. No sign of road metalling or foundations.
4 Beresford’s siting cannot be substantiated, though ‘Biggin Mill’ suggests that it cannot be far wrong. No desertion could be distinguished. The school excavation was presumably on the site suggested by Beresford. There is a double lynchet feature, but this is probably natural.
5 There is a possible moat on the site. There are possible traces of house platforms to the S of the moat, ‘though not enough to suggest a settlement’.

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