Post Medieval Pond 200m S of Merevale Lake

Description of this historic site

The site of ponds and a dam dating to the Post Medieval period. The features survive as earthworks and are situated 400m west of Outwoods Farm.

Notes about this historic site

1 Eastwood refers to iron stone smelting with charcoal in Monk’s Park Wood, and ‘slag heaps from these old furnaces may be seen at the site of the old ponds in the lower part of the wood.’
2 The stream was followed through the woods but no slag or furnace remains were found. There are, however, a number of dams and ponds (see also PRN 5076 and 5077). This dam was very large, c120m long and 8m high. The earthwork runs from the hillside on the E into a pasture field on the W. There is a possible overflow leat at E end of dam. Centre of dam broken to take stream and the section exposed suggests earth construction.

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