Hopsford Deserted Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

Hopsford, a deserted settlement which was established during the Medieval period. It was deserted during the Post Medieval period. Documentary evidence exists for the settlement. Some remains are visible as earthworks. It is situated 1km south west of Withybrook.

Notes about this historic site

1 A hamlet in Withybrook parish. In the Lay Subsidy six persons were listed. It is also in Domesday Book. When Dugdale wrote it was ‘now little better than a depopulated place, there being nothing left but the skeleton of the manor house (PRN 4219) and two mean cottages.’ The site can be seen on the ground within the angle of a road bend to the W and N of Old Hall Farm. The ford with a street leading down is quite clear.
2 Very good pattern of roads and crofts, but no house sites visible (A). Excellent documentary evidence for the former existence of a village, with its period of desertion known.
3 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument No 110.
4 The village contains a fine sunken road going down to cross a stream. The Rugby District Council have been dumping waste in the streambed for the last fifteen years. Eventually the ford and sunken road will be covered up. The actual village is not threatened.
5 Earthworks typifying desertion. They fall on either side of the modern road.
6 It is not known who was directly responsible for the depopulation. It was apparently not deserted by 1631. Today the village site appears merely as raised platforms, with no indication of individual houses. A deep hollow way leads to a ford, now hidden by a Rugby District Council tip.
7 Plan.
8 Air photograph.
9 Scheduled Monument Description.

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