Cloisters at Maxstoke Priory

Description of this historic site

Cloisters and other domestic buildings of Maxstoke Priory which are Medieval in date. The priory is situated 100m north of Church End Farm, Maxtoke.

Notes about this historic site

1 Scheduled as Warwickshire Monument No 8.
4 The cloisters were N of the Church and did not adjoin the walls of the transept and choir as usual, there being an open space in between. A covered passage gave access to the church. On the E alley was what probably represented the chapter house with traces of a stone bench. A further chamber joined this. On the W side were two rooms, of which the upper was a dormitory. The N side adjoined the refectory, which extended the entire length of the cloisters. Adjoining it was a passage in the direction of the inner gatehouse.
5 Architectural report of Maxstoke Priory by the RCHME. See FI file.

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