Church of the College of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Astley

Description of this historic site

The Church of the College of the Blessed Virgin Mary which was built during the Medieval period. The chancel is the only part of the building remaining and has been incorporated into the later church. It is situated 100m south of Astley Castle.

Notes about this historic site

1 Astley parish church was completely rebuilt by Sir Thomas Astley in 1343 as a collegiate establishment. This was a cruciform building, the plan of which has been reconstructed by H E Brown and is exhibited in the church. The church had a central tower with a tall spire, which was a conspicuous landmark and was known as the ‘lanthorn of Arden’. It had a chapel on each side of the chancel. Of this church only the chancel remains, as the rest of the building was gradually demolished between 1558 and 1607. Richard Chamberlaine rebuilt the church in 1607-8 (see PRN 362).
3 More detailed description of the church by N Pevsner and A Wedgwood.

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