Fishponds near Astley Castle

Description of this historic site

Several fishponds, used for the breeding and storage of fish, of Medieval or Post Medieval date are visible as earthworks. They are situated 200m north west of Astley Castle.

Notes about this historic site

1 To the NW of the castle is a small fishpond complex.
2 Plan reproduced on OS Card.
3 A complex of fishponds and other water-control features. The group of four inter-connecting ponds and their associated leats are seasonally water-logged. The rectangular fishponds were constructed around a raised central area. Sluices would have originally controlled the water supply within each pond. The pond at the south-west edge of the complex was surveyed in 1967 and has recently been infilled. The fishponds are bounded on their northern edge by an outer bank. The uniformity of the fishponds and their proximity to the ‘New Garden’ indicates that they are likely to have been laid out in the 17th century.

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